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BFI-3.0 flowpack infeed

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Our Highly Improved Fruit Batching Flowpacker Infeedsystem

The machine is a batching machine used for the controlled feeding and placement of predefined batches of fruits directly onto a flowpack machine or in a small tray. The system is capable to run on very high speeds and still be extremely fruit friendly. Depending on the application several options are available to fit customer needs such as tray denesters.

The Fruit Batching machine BFI-3.0 is generally used in combination with a Bin unloader system such as the Burg AL-E or Burg POLS portal unloader robots.

Keypoints of the BFI-3.0:

  • High speed batching: 20-80 packaging fruit batches per minute, depending on batch size and product in-feed continuity
  • Highly reliable, fully automatic¬†batch forming
  • Automation of large number of manual operations and therefore a fast return on investment
  • Sophisticated intelligent cup filling control for optimal continues cup-fill



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