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HKDD-E bin unloader

/HKDD-E bin unloader

Electrical storage bin unloader

The HKDD-E electric bin unloader is a product design by Burg for unloading fruits or vegetables. The bin tipper is completely electrically driven, so no unhygienic hydraulics are used in the machine. By means of the dosing system the product is gently being dosed out of the bin onto the conveyor. Depending on the application several options are available to fit the need. For instance the bin lifting platform can be fitted with a motorized roller track to accommodate a fully automated feed through of bins

Keypoints of the HKDD-E:

  • Completely electrically driven, no hydraulics
  • Bin infeed possible from 3 sides
  • Bin dimensions from 1000×1000 till 1270×1270 mm
  • Max. bin load 550kg
  • Easy to use control system
  • Automatic bin height detection
  • Adjustable tipping angle
  • Adjustable dosing speed
  • Smooth, gentle motions
  • Also availible in foodgrade stainless steel
  • Also available as fully automatic

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