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KVL binfiller for agricultural products

/KVL binfiller for agricultural products

KVL binfiller for agricultural products

The KVL binfiller is a product design by Burg for the productfrienly dry filling of agricultural products coming from a supply belt. The system can handle a high capacity (up to 50.000kg/hour) and a wide belt product infeed supply. The system can be adjusted for different bin sizes. Bins are fed through the machine in a continues flow to maintain the high filling capacity. Optional stacking and destacking devices and chain tracks can be used to increase bin buffering capacity.

Keypoints of the KVL binfiller:

  • High capacity, continues bin throughput (up to 50.000kg/hour)
  • Robust design
  • Also available in outdoor configurations (galvanized)*
  • Bin stacking and unstacking *

* = optional

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