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POLS-O Robot Bin Unloader For Onions

/POLS-O Robot Bin Unloader For Onions

Product friendly alternative for bunkers

The purpose of the  POLS-O unloader is to gently unload of onions from storage bins so it can be feed into a pregrading system or a packing station. The POLS-O system automatically picks up a bin from the full bin stack (or infeed chain track where applicable). The product is unloaded on a multi-stage belt that functions as a buffer for temporarily storing product that is unloaded from the bin and delivers a continues product flow downstream.

Advantages of bin-unloading using the POLS-O system:

  • Product friendly transfers from the bin into the packing or sorting line; no more huge product drops into the bunker!
  • Reduction of Forklift movements; stacks of up to 3 bins can be placed into and removed from the system. Multiple stacks are possible.
  • The system will automatically pickup the full bins, no need for the forklift driver to wait.
  • Continues efficient product flow. (improves line productivity)
  • Automation of bin-handling stacking de-stacking (bin nesting optional)
  • Improved 2 speed dosing belt principal (replaces bunker)
  • Several layout configurations possible

Based on the configuration of the system a wide array of movements and actions can be performed such as bin rotation over multiple axis, stacking and nesting of bins. POLS systems can also be used to transport bins to other devices such as bin fillers and bin washers and to other locations in the production facility.

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