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AL-E waterunloader

/AL-E waterunloader

Product friendly unloading for floating products.

The purpose of the AL-E waterunloader is to gently unload floating fruits such as apples from storage bins so it can be feed into a pregrading system or a repacking station. 

The product is unloaded in the dump tank by an integrated bin lift that clamps the full bin and gently submerges it in the dump tank. The fruits floats out of the bin and is taken along with the water current to the buffer channel.

Advantages of water-unloading:

  • Fruit friendly transfers
  • Availible in a wide range of capacities
  • Suitable for different bin sizes
  • Continues product flow
  • Cleaning and polishing of the product
  • Various types of drying systems
  • Tanks, channels and drying system in stainless steel
  • Several layout configurations possible

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