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Type: POLS


Bin robot Burgmatic 2D (type: POLS) for de-stacking, unloading and stacking bins.

The bin robot Burgmatic is a product designed by Burg for automatic de-stacking, unloading and stacking of bins. The bin robot supplies a continuous product flow to the machines further down the line.

The system excels in the range of possibilities with regard to bin processing. These different possibilities in one system save processing time, production space and investment costs.

Product code: 135674

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  • Suitable for de-stacking, emptying and stacking bins with product.
  • The portal has room for several full and empty stacks of bins, which can be taken in and out
  • Suitable for various bin sizes
  • Automatic bin height finder
  • Modular construction
  • Touch screen operation



  • Input and/or output roller conveyor
  • Weighing unit with print option
  • Increased version for 4-5 bins
  • Extended version for more bin positions
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