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Type: BZV


The BZV Bag Filler is a product design by Burg for the continues automated filling and sealing of fruits into poly bags which are created by the machine from flat foil on roll. The machine is suitable for both prefabricated bags on roll with seams and rupture seams as well as for foil rolls without any prefabricated seams. The machine is capable of horizontal and vertical sealing and therefore it is possible to make bags to customer specification from non presealed flat foils on roll.

Depending on the configuration the bags can be closed in several ways. By default, the bag filler is equipped with a horizontal sealing bar which seals the bags after filling. Alternatively, the machine can also be fitted with a taper or a kwik-lock unit (optional). After filling and closing, the bags are transported out of the machine by a conveyor.

Productcode: 200000

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Key points of the BZV-2000:

  • Processes foil on roll
  • High capacity, up to 35 packages per minute at 1 kg packages
  • Weight range per package from 0.5 to 3.5 kg
  • Easy operation; different bags size can be configured and selected by means of a recipe-based system through the touch screen
  • Auto adjusting of mechanical parts of the machine based on selected recipe *
  • Fast reloading of roll-support due to servo control
  • Integrated knife and/or vertical seal bar for bag dividing
  • Bag closing options:
    • Horizontal seal
    • Kwik-lock *
    • Taper *
  • Printing options:
    • Thermal; directly onto bag *
    • Label with applicator *

* = optional




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