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Burg pallet robot for automatic destacking and moving/feeding of pallets.

The Burg pallet robot is a Burg-designed product for automatic destacking and feeding of pallets. The pallet robot delivers a continuous product flow to machines further down the line.

One or more stacks of pallets are inserted into the robot. Using a pallet clamp, one or more pallets are picked off the stack. After this, the robot transports the pallets through the air to the needed location. The robot receives a signal when and where a new pallet is needed. The Burg pallet robot thus ensures a continuous supply of pallets to the lines. This results in an increase in the speed of supplied pallets, which also speeds up the overall process. This saves processing time, manpower and production space.

The Burg pallet robot is available in all required sizes.

Product code: 267760

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    • Automatic transport of pallets
    • Suitable for various pallet sizes
    • Modular design
    • Different versions possible
    • Automatic pallet height finder
    • Saving of working hours
    • Reduction of forklift traffic on the shop floor (safer working environment)
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