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“Pumpkin processing lines from small to large”

Burg Machinery has been manufacturing pumpkin washing and processing lines for over ten years. “In recent years we have supplied lines in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium, Portugal, France and Germany,” says Arjan de Nood. “We make the processing lines from small to large, using the Burg line as a supply part to a sorting machine.”

The smaller lines are usually supplied to growers with house sales or to smaller growers who supply distributors. “The pumpkins are often harvested in fruit crates, which makes it ideal for emptying the pumpkins into the water with a Burg tipper,” says the seller.

“We have also built pumpkin washers that are unloaded directly from the tipper onto a brush unit. Especially for pumpkins grown on sandy soil, it is not always necessary to soak them in water. They are sprayed with water on the brush unit, which rinses off the sand. In combination with the rotating brushes, the pumpkins are brushed clean. ”

“Larger pumpkin lines are equipped with a fully automatic tipper, which empties the larger agricultural crates in doses on a belt. After going over the reading table where the stem is cut, the pumpkins enter a water bath. The big advantage of a water bath is the buffer and soaking time of pumpkins in particular that have been placed on heavier clay soil, ”Arjan explains. “A second possibility is that the full boxes are completely immersed in a large tank. In this way the pumpkins float out of the box as if by themselves and flow in a dosed manner to the exit of the water channel. Here a first selection takes place and the stem is cut. ”

“By means of a drying unit, the pumpkins are dried after emptying and the brush unit. This is done by means of a sponge dryer. Optionally, we have also built processing lines with air knives, blowers and hot air tunnels. All this depends on how dry the pumpkins need to be ”, Arjan concludes.


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