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Article about the expansion of our company

FreshPlaza wrote a story about our new building:

Burg Machinefabriek is growing. After a new building of 5,000 m² in Kruiningen was taken into use in 2012, the expansion of another 4,000 m² has now been completed. Two halls have been built onto the existing building and breakthroughs have been made.

“We have been taking care of more and more larger projects in recent years and you need a lot of space for that. The more space you have, the more efficiently you can work. In recent years, we often had to adapt to the capacity that was too tight. comes as called and is immediately used,” says export sales manager Joan van Burg, who is grateful that no accidents occurred during construction.

“We have been innovating in the fruit industry since 1954. The first thirty years in the orchard and the last 35 years with solutions for the packing stations. Meanwhile, packing stations from all over the world use our solutions. We provide complete handling in the warehouse, from filling and emptying the crates to packaging and palletising. Previously automation was an auxiliary tool, nowadays the processes are increasingly fully automatic and at high speeds. We have solutions for that,” says Joan.

Sustainability was of paramount importance in the new building. Therefore 800 extra large solar panels have been installed on the building. In addition, the new building is working with LED lighting and energy-saving radiant heating. Bouwraadhuis took care of the design of the extension and Aannemingsbedrijf Fraanje took care of the design of the extension and Aannemingsbedrijf Fraanje took care of the construction.


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