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“It impressed everyone how quickly we integrated the Burg portal unloader at our bell pepper packaging site”

This bell pepper season, the Dutch company, PapriCo, is working with a new portal unloader. It’s the first time they’re using this machine from Burg Machinery. PapriCo growers are members of the DOOR cooperative. They deliver bulk bell peppers to a packaging site in the Netherlands. It belongs to this cooperative. The system ensures the sorting machines have a smooth supply. “This machine isn’t pretentious. Its simplicity is also its strength. Everyone was impressed by how quickly we integrated the unloader into our system. The machine is easily operated using a central touchscreen. That adds to its ease of use,” says Mark Borst, with satisfaction. He’s PapriCo’s Operational Manager.

The portal unloader ensures a continuous flow of bell peppers. These go to the sorting lines. The machine is quite small. Despite this, this is a relatively quiet process. That’s because the unloader is sufficiently buffered. “We work with huge containers. They’re 2.5m wide by 1.20m deep and 90cm high. The system processes two of these at a time. It picks up the crates using the BURG portal unloader. It then slowly tilts the contents onto the sorting machine’s conveyor belt. The bell peppers aren’t damaged in the process. The crates are then neatly re-stacked three-high.”

“We considered many suppliers. But, for us, Burg came out on top. Especially because the entire system is functional. There are no useless applications. We had seen clips of unloaders they’d supplied to the fruit cultivation sector. The system wasn’t the cheapest, but it met our demands. The delivery time was an important condition for us. We wanted to get started as soon as the bell pepper season began. That worked out very well. The machine was pre-tested in Burg’s factory. Here, it was up and running within five days,” says Mark.

PapriCo is delighted with the portal unloader. “We sort two colors of bell peppers here. But, if we wanted to add more in the future, we can easily expand. This machine could easily feed two machines. We can really move forward with this.” Borst adds that contact with Burg also deserves high praise. “They were clear and met their agreements. We were very satisfied with that,” Mark concludes.


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