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Type: Basic-Line


Palletiser (type: Basic-Line) for automatic stacking of boxes and crates on a pallet.

The palletiser is a product designed by Burg for the automatic stacking of boxes and crates on a pallet. The palletiser can process boxes and crates of various materials. Materials such as: wood, plastic or cardboard.

In the palletiser’s infeed the boxes/crates are positioned and buffered according to the stacking pattern. The boxes/crates are then picked up by clamps and stacked straight on the pallet or on the layer placed before.

The stacking pattern, the height of the layers and the box/ crate dimensions can be set in advance (pre-settings). By means of a touch screen the desired pre-setting can be chosen.

Thanks to the compact design, the palletiser is easy to move with a forklift.

The solution for the smaller fruit/ vegetable grower who does not use the palletiser all year round.

Product code: 235000

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    • High capacity up to 2 layers per minute (depending on pattern and box dimensions)
    • Small footprint thanks to the compact construction
    • Suitable for: cardboard/ plastic/ wood
    • Simple operation (touch screen)
    • Easy to move with a forklift
    • Maximum stacking height is 2400 mm
    • Various setups possible





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