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Type: High-Line


Palletiser (type: High-Line) for automatic stacking of boxes and crates on a pallet.

The palletiser is a product designed by Burg for automatically stacking of boxes and crates on a pallet. By using a plate, boxes and crates of different sizes and materials can be stacked. Materials such as: wood, plastic or cardboard.

In the palletiser’s infeed, the boxes/crates are positioned and buffered according to the stacking pattern. The boxes/crates are then collected on the plate and positioned using the clamps. In this way, each layer is stacked straight on the pallet or on the layer placed before it.

The stacking pattern, the height of the layers and the box/ crate dimensions can be set in advance (pre-setting). By means of a touch screen, the desired pre-setting can be chosen.

Product code: 229810

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  • High capacity up to 2,5 layers per minute (depending on pattern and box dimensions)
  • Available with pre-stacking module for increasing the palletizing capacity
  • Suitable for: cardboard/ plastic/ wood
  • Simple operation (touch screen)
  • Automatic height detection
  • Various setups possible




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