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The Drying and polishing unit is a product design by Burg for the drying and polishing of wet fruits which have been unloaded using a water unloader system. The machine dries the fruit using sponge rolls which are wrung out on the underside by rolls. These rolls are easily removable all at once for easy maintenance and cleaning. The fruit leaves the machine dried and polished ready for packaging.

The following types of dryers are available:

Transportation by the forward pushing motion of the fruits that are being fed into the machine.

The dryer is equipped with a special transportation device, where rods are placed in between the sponges, transport the fruits over the sponge rolls. This system is suitable for more delicate fruits.

This machine is rotating and transporting dryer, where the sponge rolls not only rotate for drying, but also move forward to transport the fruits. This machine was especially designed for the most delicate of fruits.

This Bio-Dryer Unit was designed especially for bio-range products. This dryer is fitted with a brushing belt above the sponges for extra polishing to remove dirt or calcium deposits. Optional spraying sections are also available for this unit.

Productcode: 147065

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Key points of the Dryer Units:

  • Dryer dimension can be produced to customer requirements
  • Adjustable infeed height
  • Wringing rollers on an easily removable rig for easy maintenance
  • All construction materials in stainless steel
  • Additional Drying Fans or Air Blade for additional drying are available *
  • Spraying / Rinsing unit available *

* = optional


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