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Type: FV-35


The FV-35 Hydro Binfiller is a product design by Burg for gently filling storage bins with delicate products such as apples and pears. This Binfiller is generally used in combination with a fruit presorting line, where the graded product, coming from the buffering channels, has to be stored in storage bins.

The bins are being filled with the product in an extremely gentle manor, while remaining a high filling capacity. This is realized by filling the bin by means of water flows which guide the fruits into the bin while it is completely submerged.

For apples this Binfiller can achieve a filling capacity of 30 to 35 bins per hours. The system can be equipped with the latest  technology of labeling, trace-ability, automatic stacking, etcetera.

Productcode: 106018

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Key points of the FV-35:

  • High capacity and better logistics.
  • Preservation of quality.
  • Labor saving.
  • Optimal bin filling.


The FV-35 is often used in combination with a Burgmatic for bin logistics or a Burg POLS-3D portal.




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