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Type: FV-35


Hydro bin filler (type: FV-35) for filling storage bins with delicate fruit.

The hydro bin filler is a product designed by Burg for filling storage bins with floating and non-floating fruit, such as apples and pears. The bin filler is mostly used in combination with a pre-sorting line, after which the sorted fruit, coming from the (buffer) channels, has to be stored in storage bins.

The bins are filled with product in a fruit-friendly way. The bin is filled by means of a water stream that brings the fruit to the bin, while the bin is submerged in water.

The bin filler can reach a filling capacity to 35 bins per hour. The system can be equipped with the latest technology in labelling and traceability, automatic stacking, etc..

Product code: 106018

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  • Optimal filling of the bins
  • High capacity and better logistics
  • Maintain of quality
  • Labour saving
  • Filling capacity to 35 bins per hour





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