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“The Suhr family can sort and pack apples and pears more efficiently because the intensive automation means there is less downtime”

New packing house for Suhr’s Obstversand

Elbe-Obst Vertriebsgesellschaft gains in strength
Thanks to the new packing hall that Suhrs Obstversand has built on its farm in Oederquart, Elbe-Obst Vertriebsgesellschaft’s position regarding the sale of pome fruit has become even stronger. The Suhr family can sort and pack apples and pears more efficiently because the intensive automation means there is less downtime. The software, which is also new, enables even better and more precise traceability of the packed products.

Broad and modern packaging
In May 2021, the Suhr family’s new packing house in Oederquart was finally completed. “Until just a few days ago, service providers were always bustling around here to get the facilities fully operational,” Frank Suhr tells us. The new hall occupies an area of about 1,750 square meters and is equipped with four production lines. There is a pocket line, two Blitzmatic lines and a line for the lay-up crates. Sorting takes place in the old production hall. In addition, the foodtainer line, the netting machine and the knot bag machine will continue to remain there.

3-D portal for water discharge
The packing hall is equipped with a 3-D water emptying portal. This means that the crates can now be emptied not only via forward and backward movements, but also from the left and right.

Basically, the packing hall has been automated even more. Each forklift driver has his own PC to which packing orders are sent directly. These employees can now transport the goods from A to B in an even more organized and structured manner. In addition, there is an integrated palletizer on each line so that there is no stacking by hand anymore.

Photo: Elbe-Obst

Better cooling for the fruit, better working conditions for the employees
The new hall has also rebuilt and reorganized the incoming and outgoing goods areas. Both are connected to the water bath or packing hall via very short distances – about five meters – and are cooled down for the fruit. The packing hall, where most of the employees work, is equipped with a new, modern heating system. There are also many windows and new lighting. “So working there is now more relaxed and pleasant for colleagues,” Patrick Suhr explains. The goods receiving area has been equipped with a new disposition system. The large crates go directly into the disposition warehouse, which can hold about 1,200 crates.

Photo: Elbe-Obst

Built on concrete pillars
The first considerations took place about three years ago, and ground was broken 14 months ago. Based on the various expert opinions and approvals, concrete pillars were driven 20 meters deep into the ground. The new hall rests on these.

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