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« We chose this tray filler because of its capacity and ability to mix sizes »

In its new cold store in Ridderkerk, VGK Cool Logistics can accommodate as many as 11,000 pallets and 1,600 m2 of production space under different temperatures. Besides all its logistics activities, the logistics provider also offers numerous packaging solutions. The latest acquisition is a tray filler (type BTI) for automatically and continuously filling small trays/punnets with product.

« The main reason for buying the machine is its capacity and possibilities for mixing sizes. Initially, we chose this machine to optimise the packing of apples, but this tray filler is suitable for several round fruits of equal size and can therefore also be interesting for us to pack citrus, » says Marvin van Nieuwkerk of VGK.

« The capacity depends on the packing type and the packing machine linked to the BTI. For VGK, a stable capacity of 50-60 trays per minute will be processed, but according to Burg, a capacity of as much as 70-90 trays per minute is even possible for the BTI, depending on the packaging type, » Marvin says. We had no previous experience with Burg Machinery, but after visiting the factory we got a good feeling about a pleasant and strong cooperation between Burg and VGK. In addition, it is a great advantage for us that Burg Machinery is not located far from us and is therefore able to switch quickly. »

The tray filler is a product designed by Burg to automatically and continuously fill small trays with round products, such as apples. The tray filler is suitable for trays of different sizes. The operation of the machine is as follows: the trays/punnets are positioned on the lower conveyor belt of the machine using an automatic denester (part of the tray filler). The products destined for in the trays/punnets meet at the end of the machine. By means of the separator wheels, the products are timed positioned in the trays/punnets, which are fed in from below.

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