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Type: BFI 3.0


Flowpack infeed (type: BFI-3.0) for fully automatic fruit grouping.

The flowpack infeed is a product designed by Burg for the controlled and fruit-friendly infeed and formation of fruit groups. After grouping, the fruit batches are placed on the supply belt of a flowpack machine or placed in small trays. The system can run at very high speeds; despite the high speed, the product is still handled in a fruit-friendly manner. Depending on the application, various options are available to suit your needs, such as automatic tray denesting.

The flowpack infeed is often used in combination with bin unloading systems such as the Burg water unloader (type: AL-E) or the Burg bin robot water unloader (POLS).

Product code: 111111

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  • High capacity up to 80 packages per minute
  • Fully automatic grouping of fruit batches
  • Automation of a large number of operations
  • Intelligent system for optimal continuous cup filling





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