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Type: BTC


Tray closer (type: BTC) for automatic and continuous closing of small trays/ punnets with product.

The tray closer is a product designed by Burg for automatic and continuous closing of small trays with product, such as apples. The tray closer is suitable for trays of different sizes due to the adjustments possible with this machine.

The operation of the machine is as follows: the tray is fed through a conveyor belt. By means of two bars, the wings of the trays are bent inward whereby the product is covered by the wings of the tray. After this, the wings of the tray come between 2 other bars so that they are laid on top of each other. As a final step, a small amount of glue is applied between the wings of the trays, keeping the tray closed.

Productcode: 266881

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Used in production line


    • Hand feeding of trays possible
    • Fully adaptable to the product
    • Compact design
    • Easy to operate





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