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Type: POLS-O


Robot bin unloader (type: POLS-O) for transporting, positioning, (de)stacking and unloading bins.

The robot bin unloader is a product designed by Burg for the product-friendly, dry unloading of fresh products from storage bins. Products, such as onions, peppers and carrots. In addition to fresh products, non-food products can also be processed by the robot bin unloader.

The POLS-O system automatically takes bins from the full bin stack. The contents of the bin are carefully emptied onto the two (or more) speed belt by means of a built-in bin lift, which grabs the entire bin. The tilted bin is emptied on the conveyor belt by means of a bottom unloader, incorporated in the bin lift, which opens slowly so that the contents of the bin end up on the conveyor belt.

The two speed belt serves as a temporary buffer for the product that comes out of the bin and provides a continuous product flow to the machines further down the line.

The robot bin unloader is a versatile machine that can manoeuver the bins to different positions within a defined area. The system excels because of the range of options with regard to bin and product processing.

The various options in one system save on processing time, production space and investment costs.

Product code: 231618

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  • Product friendly bin unloading
  • The system automatically picks up full bins when product is required
  • A continuous and therefore efficient product flow
  • Automatic stacking and destacking of bins
  • Available in various capacities
  • Different setups possible
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