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Type: HKDD-R


Bin unloader agri (type: HKDD-R) for the dosed unloading of large bins filled with agricultural produce.

The bin unloader agri is a product designed by Burg for the dosed emptying of large, heavy bins with agricultural products.

The bin with agricultural products is placed in the rotating part of the bin unloader. The top of the bin is closed with a lid. By operating the buttons on the control panel, the bin is rotated. The lid, which closes the top of the bin, slowly slides away, so that the products are dosed onto the conveyor belt.

Product code: 073099

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  • High capacity: 45 bins per hour
  • Fully electrically powered
  • Large bins 2260 x 1000 x 1000 mm, possible
  • Heavy bins, up to 2000 kg possible



  • Conveyor belt on the lifting platform for the automatic transport and unloading of bins
  • Bin stacker and destacker


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