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Type: BWZ


Water purification system (type: BWZ) for the purification of process water.

The BWZ water purification is a product designed by Burg for the purification of process water from fruit and vegetable processing lines. After purification, the water can be recycled or discharged into the sewer, saving on water costs and environmental taxes.

The system is available in 3 capacities: 6 m³/h, 15 m³/h and 30 m³/h.

The process water is purified by means of sand, carbon and UV light. The purified water leaves the water purification system and can be reused in the fruit/ vegetable processing lines.

Product code: 145141

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Used in production line


  • Filtration with sand, carbon and UV light
  • Dosing with hydrogen peroxide
  • Modular and compact construction
  • Control with flow diagram
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