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Type: POLS


Bin robot water unloader (type: POLS) for transporting, positioning, (de)stacking and unloading bins with floating and non-floating fruit.

The bin robot water unloader is a product designed by Burg for the product-friendly emptying of products from storage bins.

The POLS system automatically takes bins from the full bin stack. The contents of the bin is emptied gently into a dumping tank by means of a built-in bin lift, which grabs the entire bin. The bin is immersed into the dumping tank, the fruit floats out of the bin and is then transported by the flowing water to the next step in the production process. Optionally, the bin lift can be expanded with a tilting function. This option speeds up the process of emptying the bin.

The bin robot water unloader is a multifunctional machine that is not only suitable for water unloading, but also for the dry unloading of products on a conveyor belt or a multi-speed conveyor belt (POLS-O system).

The system excels in the range of possibilities with regard to bin and product processing. These different possibilities in one system save processing time, production space and investment costs.

Product code: 161984

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  • Product friendly bin emptying
  • Suitable for bins of different sizes
  • Different setups possible
  • Continuous supply of product
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