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Type: POLS 3D


Bin robot Burgmatic 3D (type: POLS-3D) for de-stacking, unloading and stacking bins.

The bin robot Burgmatic is a product designed by Burg for automatic de-stacking, unloading and stacking of bins. The bin robot supplies a continuous product flow to the machines further down the line.

The Burgmatic POLS-3D system is an upgraded version of the Burgmatic POLS-2D system. The 3D system makes it possible to move the boxes in all directions and positions within a defined 3D area. The system excels in the range of bin handling possibilities.

These different possibilities in one system save processing time, production space and investment costs.

Product code: 167994

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  • Suitable for de-stacking, emptying and stacking bins with product.
  • The portal has room for several full and empty stacks of bins, which can be taken in and out
  • Suitable for various bin sizes
  • Automatic bin height finder
  • Modular construction
  • Touch screen operation



  • Input and/or output roller conveyor
  • Weighing unit with print option
  • Increased version for 4-5 bins




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