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Type: BRF


Case packer (type: BRF) for automatic and continuous filling of crates/boxes with (packaged) product

The case packer is a product designed by Burg for the automatic and continuous filling of crates/boxes with (packaged) products. The packaged products are brought into the case packer by means of a conveyor belt. The products are then placed in the crate by a robot arm. The crates are delivered via a conveyor belt that runs a little lower next to it. When the crate has been filled to the desired filler, the full crate is removed from the case packer via the conveyor belt.

Product code: 290000

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Used in production line


    • Product-friendly and flexible box filling thanks to modular design
    • Easy to install in line
    • Simple operation (touch screen)
    • Fully automatic drive
    • Various filling patterns possible





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